Imagine a fictional ‘This American Life’ exploring the characters and events of a quirky Twin-Peaks-esque world.

Years ago, this densely forested area began to

yield never-before-seen animal species which, in

turn, led to a booming rural zoo industry.


Today, Robbinsville has more zoos per person than any

other place in the world: seven within its small city

limits and several more in the county.

What the entertainment industry is to Hollywood,

zoos are to Robbinsville - now a mecca of animal

spectacle. Visitors to the region are able to

view newly discovered creatures; Horned Rats,

Thunder Crows, Forsythe Leopards, White-Legged

Tarantulas, Swan Frogs, the ever-elusive Laser

Bat... the list goes on.


With this influx of tourism came money. With

money came taxation and government regulation

and crime. Now this complex web of power is full

of local stories and whispered gossip. Thankfully,

there’s a boots-on-the-ground guide to report

these local curiosities and exploitations--



What’s with all the zoos?

Where are these animals coming from?

Who’s getting rich on these oddities?

When Bryce moves from busy Brooklyn to sleepy

Robbinsville for a job at the local paper he’s

surprised to find such a frenetic microcosm of

zoological interest. He’s shocked by the impact

the animals and the zoo industry have on the

town, but more than that, intrigued by how

nonplussed the townspeople are by their surreal



Fortunately, Bryce has decided to share his

discoveries via podcast - the world needs to hear

the fascinating stories of Robbinsville. Bryce is

the voice of the audience’s wonder; he’s excited

and mystified as he unboxes Robbinsville with a

friendly curiosity.


Bryce has also enlisted the help of some newly

acquired friends: an over-achieving high school

intern named Poppy and a mildly crude TV

personality named Will Wintergreen. Each week

these gumshoes catalog the unexplainable events

and document the unbelievable characters of the